Our Mission

To provide quality craftsmanship ensuring projects are completed right the first time, on-time, and to our customer’s total satisfaction.

Est. 1983

Mendon, Michigan

Patrick Jergens, founding father of Jergens Piping Corporation, saw a need and took the challenge! With remarkable drive and vision, this pipefitter formed a company that would excel at providing exceptional mechanical contracting services.

Committed to supplying services and products unrivaled in their dependability and quality, and with a work ethic grounded in integrity and service, he forged a company able to meet all challenges of mechanical contracting. In 1994, the Insulation division was added and later the Millwright, Construction Management, Removable Cover, and the Heating & Air divisions were established as well.

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President: Timothy Jergens

Piping / Construction Management / Millwright
  • Experience in the mechanical contracting services industry since 1993
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from Michigan State University

“Satisfying our customers is our #1 priority.”

Vice-President: Mark Parks

Insulation / Removable Cover Solutions
  • Experience in the insulation industry since 1995 & experience in facilities engineering since 2009
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from Michigan State University

“We are committed to providing quality insulation products & services to your complete satisfaction.”



Timothy Jergens

Co-owner and President of Corporation
  • B.S. Degree in Engineering from Michigan State University
  • Experience in the Mechanical Contracting Services Industry since 1994
  • Manages Piping, Construction Management, Millwright and Heating & Air divisions

Jim Brletich

On-Site Manager – Plumber-Pipefitter
  • Experience in Piping Trade since 1999
  • Experienced in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and paper mill industries as Site Superintendent and Project Manager
  • Specializes in management of maintenance contracts, shutdowns, and large projects on tight schedules and with quality results

Paul Walraven

Superintendent – Pfizer/ Plumber-Pipefitter
  • Experience with Jergens since 1997; Piping Superintendent since 2017
  • Experienced in managing high profile construction projects
  • Oversees both fixed price and time & material projects in coordination with numerous foremen.

Tom Byers

Project Manager / ASME/NBIC “U” and “R” Stamp Program Manager / Project Estimating
  • Experience in various management and maintenance positions since 1996 / experience with Jergens since 2012
  • Specializes in estimating, project management, quality control, “U” and “R” Stamp management, and outside sales throughout Michigan and the U.S.

Mike Himmel

Project Manager – Pfizer Building 41 / Plumber-Pipefitter
  • Experience in Piping Trade since 1994
  • Experienced in managing a diverse range of construction projects, coordinating project timelines with various contractors, adhering to quality control standards and specifications, project management, estimating and design build

Gary Davis

Project Manager – Maintenance Projects
  • Experience with Jergens since 2002
  • Experienced in managing multiple maintenance projects concurrently

Dave Ahrens

Millwright Superintendent
  • Experience in Millwright trade since 1987; Superintendent since 2003
  • Experienced in conveyor and equipment installations/repairs; installation of presses, pump & motor replacements/alignments; drive and agitator installations including mechanical seals
  • Experienced in estimating projects and managing the workforce to complete the projects as required and on schedule


Mark Parks

Co-owner and Vice President of Insulation Division
  • B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Licensed Professional Engineer
  • Experience in engineering, project & facility management, and insulation services since 1988

Tom Crouch

Insulation Director
  • Experience in insulation services and estimating since 1992
  • Lead estimator and director for the insulation division

Kevin Patenaude

Insulation Manager
  • Experience in insulation services and project management since 1987
  • Manages insulation manpower and major construction projects

Josh Minger

Project Specialist, Certified Energy Appraiser
  • Experience in insulation services, estimating, project management, and energy studies since 2012
  • B.S. Degree in Construction Engineering
  • Specializes in energy appraisals, scaffolding design, estimating, job cost reports and IT management

Scott Cook

Kalamazoo Area Insulation Site Superintendent
  • Experience in insulation services and project management since 1995
  • B.S. Degree in Construction Management
  • Specializes in customer sites in the Kalamazoo, MI area

Mike Smith

Greater Michigan & National Insulation Site Superintendent
  • Experience in insulation services, and project management since 2009
  • Specializing in project management for customers throughout Michigan and the U.S.

Adam Wolthuis

Midland Area Insulation Site Superintendent
  • Experience in insulation services and project management since 2005
  • Specialized training in estimating, design, and project management
  • Specializes in customer sites in the Midland, MI area

Dave Sponable

Insulation Division Logistics Manager
  • Experience in insulation materials management as well as facilities, tools, and vehicle logistics since 2007; previous experience in education since 1997
  • B.A. and M.A. Degrees (Emphasis in leadership)
  • Manages all logistics related to insulation materials, tools, facilities, and vehicles

SAFETY – Corporate

Don Stover

Director of Safety
  • Experience in industrial safety and construction, OSHA-30
  • Specializes in oversight of Jergens safety program and site safety coordinators, specialized safety training, and job-site reviews


Adam Wolthuis

Quality Control Manager
  • Experience with Jergens since 2004
  • Promotes and ensures superior product quality for both painting and blasting jobs


John Koole

Removable Cover Solutions Manager
  • Veteran of U.S. Armed Forces
  • Experience in insulation services, fabrication, and training since 1993
  • Manages removable cover design, production, and insulation training program


Justin Reitenour

Technicians with experience in HVAC since 1978
  • Trained in design, installation, and service maintenance of residential and commercial heating and cooling systems.
  • Designed and installed numerous projects in the Southwest Michigan area.